Funding Competition

MOGUL Initiative Founder Nathan G. Meaux has donated $100,000 to invest in minority business ideas across the country. This investment led to the creation of the InvestBLACK Funding Competition, which will award one minority entrepreneur or new business owner with $25,000 in startup funding, six months of marketing, a new business website, and business consulting. Contest launches February 1, 2021.   
Current and UpcomingInitiatives


The MOGUL Fund

The MOGUL Fund is an ongoing initiative to raise money and invest in minority business ideas to help minorities get businesses off the ground.

Student Loan Debt Cancellation Program

The MOGUL Student Loan Debt Cancellation program is an initiative to assist minority entrepreneurs in paying off student loan. 

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MOGULS Empowered

MOGULS Empowered is a community-based initiative aimed to offer free educational courses to minorities in various areas including financial literacy, building credit/credit repair, budgeting, and investing. 

The MOGUL Business Initiative

The MOGUL Business Initiative is an annual seminar initiative aimed to assist minority entrepreneurs in growing their businesses.