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New Social Impact Fund Aiming To Build Generational Wealth In Minority Communities By Investing In Minority Businesses

Investing in new minority-owned businesses is one of the most effective ways for communities of color to begin building generational wealth and repairing the damage wrought by decades of systemic and structural inequality. That’s where the M.O.G.U.L (MOGUL) Initiative comes in. Founded by Los Angeles business leader Nathan G. Meaux, the MOGUL Initiative is a 501c3 non-profit organization aimed at expanding and encouraging minority entrepreneurship and education in the United States. To accomplish this, The MOGUL Initiative built its mission around Four Core Areas of Systemic Inequality—access to capital, racial disparity in educational opportunities, economic equality, and community safety—and developed ways to combat each.

For example, to combat the structurally racist issues around “access to capital,” the MOGUL Initiative launched InvestBLACK and the MOGUL Fund, two funding avenues that give Black entrepreneurs access to capital investment outside of traditional banks and venture capital firms; in response to “racial disparity in educational opportunities,” the MOGUL Initiative plans to launch the YOUNG MOGUL scholarship program, which will pay for 2-4 low-income minority students to get a college education. Other initiatives, such as free consulting for 50-100 minority business owners and the MOGULS Empowered seminars, which will equip minority attendees with financial literacy tools, are also in the works.

With these investments, Nathan G. Meaux and the MOGUL Initiative hopes to spark a new wave of business development, economic growth, and pride in communities of color.

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