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MOGUL Initiative Founder Nathan G. Meaux has donated $100,000 to invest in minority business ideas across the country. This investment led to the creation of the InvestBLACK Funding Competition, which will award one minority entrepreneur or new business owner with $50,000 in startup funding, six months of marketing, a new business website, and business consulting. The competition is open to any African American with an incredible business idea or a newly-established company. To enter, simply fill out the contact form below to request an application.  

Please Note: The InvestBLACK Funding Competition is a one-time competition aimed to invest and encourage black entrepreneurship, and is separate from The MOGUL Fund, which is an ongoing investment fund open to all minorities with business ideas and newly-established companies. 

How We Determine The Winner: 

There will be a total of four (4) rounds beginning February 1, 2021. 

Round One: Each applicant will sign up to enter on The MOGUL Initiative’s website and receive a preliminary application due no later than March 31, 2021.

Round Two: The MOGUL Initiative’s board will review each application and reach out to applicants moving on to the third round by April 15, 2021. Each participant who moves forward will be required to complete The MOGUL Initiative’s business proposal form.

Round Three: Applicants who make it to the third round will participate in a video interview with The MOGUL Initiative’s board. The board will choose five (5) finalists from this list of applicants.

Round Four: The final five (5) applicants will meet with The MOGUL Initiative board and present their business ideas in person. The winner of the InvestBLACK Funding Competition will be chosen based on these presentations.

Who Is Eligible To Apply: African Americans (18 years and older) with a business idea OR African American business owners who have launched their businesses within the last calendar year.

What Is The Grand Prize: Winner of the InvestBLACK Funding Competition will receive $50,000 investment in their business idea or company, six months of free marketing, a company website, and a dedicated business consultant – totaling over $100,000 in value.

INVESTBLACK: The Pitch Competition

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