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“The United States remains inequitably behind when it comes to connecting and putting dollars into companies led by Black entrepreneurs.” – Keenan Beasley, Fast Company

Despite representing nearly $4 trillion in spending power and 8 million small businesses, minorities, specifically African American entrepreneurs, face systematic discriminatory funding practices that make it 10x harder to access capital to finance business ideas. Access to capital provides entrepreneurs an opportunity to promote economic growth, accumulate wealth, provide job opportunities, and expand the circulation of dollars in minority communities. 

The M.O.G.U.L (MOGUL) Initiative is a 501c3 non-profit organization and social initiative aimed at expanding and encouraging minority entrepreneurship and education in the United States. Founded in response to the racial wealth disparity and institutionalized bias, The MOGUL Initiative focuses on four core sectors: entrepreneurship, education, economic equality, and community safety. 

As the founder of The MOGUL Initiative, my commitment is to expand business funding opportunities for minority entrepreneurs, provide guidance for minority businesses, and educate and build leaders in communities of colors. These actions will in turn play an essential role in building generational wealth and safety for minorities throughout the United States.

Nathan G. Meaux, Founder of The MOGUL Initiative 


Our Misison

Build Generational Wealth For Minority Families and Communities Of Color By Focusing On Four Core Systematic Issues. 

Access To Capital

Confront Discriminatory Financing Practices Faced By Minorities Entrepreneurs.

Education Disparities

Combat Racial Disparity In Student Loan Debt and College Education.

Income Inequality

Tackle Racial Wealth Gap and Economic Inequality.

Community Safety

Build Community Equity and Safety 
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